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Often the union of a couple, after a short time turns into something else, in a terrain of misunderstandings and tensions that wear out individuals, the couple and often the whole family.

The couple can no longer be stable by definition. It is made up of two individuals, each with its own story, each with its frailties, a way of loving and being loved.

Each individual, consciously or not, makes his own individual path, between himself and himself and in the couple, upsetting the constituent balances of the union. This is why very often you no longer recognize the person you have at your side, perhaps no longer recognizing yourself even in yourself.

In these moments of tension, of misunderstanding, a moment may be useful to be able to reflect with a third person, neutral, free from prejudices, who can make a sort of "photograph" of the real condition of the couple, helping them to find a new common language. to communicate, perhaps by showing what has changed, emerged or disappeared in the relationship with the passage of time and proximity.

A couple's journey should not be seen as a one-party process or as a family failure.

Each system must evolve, it must change shape, perhaps generating new balances that can be scary initially, but which if accepted can make the union of the couple evolve  through an evolution of the individual partners. 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

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