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How I work

Defining one's way of working in psychotherapy is a very difficult task, perhaps impossible, because one tries to define something that cannot be defined, except for theoretical orientation. The truth, however, is that each therapist has his own approach, which is based above all on his personal characteristics,   on the studies done, on his passions and his vision of the human relationship and the world. -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

My theoretical orientation is based on the founding principle that we are much more than what we know and believe we are. We are the fruit of the affections we have had, of how we have been loved and cared for, educated, of the family atmosphere we have experienced, of the interpersonal relationships we have experienced, of our ability to question ourselves, to judge ourselves and to know how to laugh at ourselves.  

Despite having a classical psychoanalytical theoretical training, in my training I tried to learn and propose every tool useful for the therapeutic relationship with those who ask me for help, inserting an important reading of the symptoms of the body, of the organic disease, of what the body, trying to give the person also very concrete tools to be able to feel better in the shortest possible time, learning to listen honestly to try to escape from oneself less, to recognize what is wrong with oneself without judging oneself, but simply observing oneself in a more compassionate way and if necessary stop . 

In my psychotherapy approach, in addition to the "traditional" interview, I often use meditation, basic elements of stress physiology, hypnosis , very useful tools to dissolve anxiety, stress, panic attacks, phobias, addictions and conflicting emotional states in a very short time .

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