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What are meditation, mindfulness and hypnosis? _Cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

In the collective imagination these practices resonate as something magical, almost esoteric . 

Nothing more wrong! Any of us has tried hundreds of times the meditative or hypnotic trans experience without realizing it.

These practices exploit awareness and knowledge  millenary but which have now found a very solid and proven scientific value.

Our brain and our nervous system live different experiences by generating specific waves for each emotion and emotional state.

Meditation and hypnosis simply exploit the ability of the mind to calm down, to abstract from itself, to explore itself, simply through very simple practices if guided by an expert person and able to bring out what is already there inside each of us. , but that we have buried in our deep structures in order to be apparently "better".

Our body, our nervous system, remember everything they have experienced and prepare themselves to help us live better, but perhaps by creating rigidity and defenses that could   served in our past, but which now hinder and pollute our present . 

Meditation turns out to be an extraordinary tool and within everyone's reach, capable of making us live our daily life in a much more present and conscious way, allowing us to choose a much more harmonious and healthy lifestyle for us. -136bad5cf58d_



Meditation, guided relaxation, mindfulness , different names for the same thing,

they are practices, tools or in my opinion attitudes of life, which have immense power   on our body, on our mind, on our attitude towards life and above all on our central nervous system.

Meditation and any meditative practice dedicated to making the person relax and make him more self-aware, has the power to make us present to ourselves, to interrupt those circular and obsessive thoughts that make us behave like automatons that repeat the same scripts in a mechanical way. and uncontrolled.

Meditation activates our wellness circuit ( parasympathetic ) and deactivates that of stress, anger, judgment and competition ( sympathetic nervous system ) ._ cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

This change allows a repair of the cellular damage that emotional tension and stress have on us, reducing and often extinguishing all the inflammatory states of which we are victims without knowing it.

The reduction of stress greatly affects the formation of diseases, stimulating our immune system to better repair all the damage that we unconsciously create daily on our body, on our nervous system and therefore on our mind.

Here is a link to my blog where I give simple information on awareness and meditation.  

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